About Us

Hi! My name is Christine, and I am a lover of all things JESUS and fashion!! Fashion has been my passion from a very young age.  I was involved in almost every aspect of the fashion industry from modeling, design, retail, and buying, to having my own online clothing boutique which catered to a punk rock audience (I ran that business for 8 years!). During those years, I was NOT living for the Lord.

In 2010, I had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ, which literally rocked my world! I became a born-again believer and have been on fire for HIM ever since. Fast forward to now, and I can honestly say that God has done some truly amazing things in my life, and in my family since I got saved!

When I first got saved I had a desire to go into ministry full time, and close the door on my fashion past, BUT God had different plans for me. He stirred up my passion for fashion once again by calling me to start a new business/ministry - but this time to glorify HIM!

Lectio Divina is a Latin term which means 'divine reading', or the practice of scriptural meditation intended to further engage communion with God and His Word. I try to incorporate scripture and Godly identity into my designs to help uplift and inspire those wearing them, as well as getting the minds thinking of those that see them. God is truly amazing and what He did for me in transforming my life, He can do for you! My designs are totally Holy Spirit inspired, so please take a look and feel free to drop me a line! Thanks for stopping by!! Know that you are special, loved, and chosen to do amazing things! God has an awesome plan for you!!